PI1LAP telnet dx.packet-radio.nl 7300

Data In and Out on PI1LAP:
Bytes in 19553036751
Bytes out 5530348597

Users and Nodes On PI1LAP:
Users 2
Nodes 6

Total on the Cluster Network:
Users 4761
Nodes 440

Total HF and VHF Spots:
HF Spots 1490452
VHF Spots 312106

Total proccessed Spots:
Total Spots 1802596

Uptime DXspider:
1825Z PI1LAP-1 uptime: 204d 22h 1m

Uptime Core system:
up 1 year, 29 weeks, 6 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes

Users Connected to PI1LAP: